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Delivery Chef

a ux project

Delivery Chef is a ux project that was done at the Starterhacks hackathon. We had 24 hours to solve a problem statement that we, as a team, had chosen ourselves. The problem that we selected was regarding people in the workforce who don't have time to cook a meal but still want the taste of a good home cooked meal.

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The Purpose

What are we trying to solve?

As previously stated, we realize that working people can get incredibly busy and they may not have the time to create their own home cooked meal. The point of this app is to allow users to pick a chef/style of their choosing and that chef will arrive to their house with the ingredients required to make the meal that they chose.

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The Solution

We had to look at other companies that had a service like this such as GoodFoods. We realized that we needed to be unique and stand different to the other companies. The main premise of the other companies was to have the ingredients for a meal and you would have to cook it yourself. We are unique because you pick what you feel like eating, and one of our certified chefs will bring the ingredients at the time you choose and cook the meal at your home.

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The Design

For the design we wanted a simple UI that most people would be able to use since the app can be used by anyone. It needed to be a smooth flow and easy to follow. We ran with an idea that we liked and we went around the hackathon asking other people to test out our design. The results were relatively positive so we stuck with our initial design. Once we finalized it I started to take our initial design and go from mockups to the real deal. The designs seen above were made with a mix of Photoshop and Figma. I then took all the screens into inVision to make a prototype and thus we had our app.

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